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You might have asked yourself at some point, “Am I too old to get eyelash extensions?”

Updated: Nov 14, 2022


When we think about Lash Extensions we can often be mistaken into thinking these are for the “young ones” with their big, long, dark lashes. I am here to tell you this is not the case. Eyelash Extensions on more mature eyes can be absolutely life changing. As we get older our bodies change in ways that can really effect our self confidence. Our hair in particular can become thinner and lashes too, they may become more sparse or so fair we feel like we can’t even see them when we put our mascara on. As our natural lashes lose their curl as the eyelash growth cycle slows down, a set of extensions can bring back the curl and give us a more youthful look in the process.

Classic Lash Extensions are more natural looking, where we apply one lash extension to each natural lash 1 – 1. We offer all different lengths so you don’t even have to go any longer than your own natural lashes if you don’t want to but the darkness of the extensions will make you feel like you have your natural lashes back and bring your eyes out by opening up your eyes. Or if you have a special occasion or just want to feel a bit more glamorous we can go as long as you like!

If you are suffering with sparser looking lashes we can fix this by applying Russian Volume Lash Extensions……..DON’T PANIC when I say volume lashes! These are often misconstrued as Mega lashes when in fact Russian Volume lashes can actually look lighter than a natural Classic Extension. Russian Volume is the art of handmaking a fan out of lash extensions. These extensions are a much lighter extension enabling them to be fanned without being too heavy for your natural lash. We create the fan depending on the look you require and the health of your natural lash. By using fans, even very light fans, it can help make any gaps in your natural lashes less visible.

Both the Classic Lash Extensions and the Russian Volume Extensions we use are black so will give a darker looking lash and give the lashes a beautiful natural curl. You will no longer need to use mascara so will save you time and effort if you are struggling to see to put it on.

The appointment for a fresh set of Classic Lash Extensions takes 1.5 – 2hrs and a fresh set of Russian Volume Lash Extensions takes 2.5 – 3hrs. You will get to relax on our heated beds with relaxing music and we will make you as comfortable as possible with pillow, blankets and bolsters. Then you get to drift off into a peaceful sleep and wake with your new beautiful lashes!

Once you have your full set on, if you want to maintain them we recommend infill appointments within 2-3weeks. These appointments are shorter as we will be removing any outgrown lashes and replacing lost lashes, so 1 – 1.5hrs for Classic Lash Extensions and 2hrs for Russian Volume Lash Extensions. Everybody has different retention as so many factors effect it and we will go through all this at your consultation appointment. Beyond 4 weeks, we would consider the appointment a full set again. Of course, infills are cheaper than the full set.

So please don’t think Lash Extensions are not for mature eyes, they absolutely are for anybody, at any age and at your consultation we will determine exactly what you want from them. Many of our existing regular clients are 55+ and love maintaining their lashes.

Please do give us a call if you have any questions or book a free patch test online where we can carry out a consultation and answer any questions or worries you have.

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