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Are your products what you think?

One of our wonderful clients mentioned the Yuka app to us the other day. I hadn’t heard of it but basically it is a mobile app that scans your food or beauty products. It gives each one a score that tells you how healthy it is for you. The scores range from “Bad” = (0-25) “mediocre” = between 25 and 49, “good” = between 50 and 74, to “Excellent” = between 75 and 100. If something scores bad, Yuka suggests better options for you to pick from.

We were delighted to learn that the MooGoo product range we use in our treatments and retail is all in the excellent range, with many of their products scoring 100! There are just a couple of the SPF products that score a little lower as they have zinc oxide in them which could penetrate and accumulate in the body as such small nanoparticles are in Zinc Oxide. However, Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are the only ingredients approved by the FDA to give your sunscreen a natural SPF. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are minerals, naturally found in the earth. 

We spend a lot of time considering the products we use as we are committed to using the best, most natural and environmentally friendly products that we can. This has confirmed for us our choices have been well researched and we are using the most natural and effective products on our clients.

We would highly recommend the Yuka app for your beauty products as it is so insightful (and slightly addictive!!). But honestly, if you zap some of the products you have been using for years you maybe surprised at the results! For every bad score it highlights the ingredient and gives a reason for it’s low score so you can double check the information yourself to see how accurate it is. Some of it is so eye opening! Brands you would totally trust to be as natural as possible containing ingredients that you would not necessarily recognise which are not things you would imagine being contained in products marketed as natural. It also gives better alternatives to try, where possible.

Food is even more eye opening! We spent an evening zapping everything in our cupboards and were astonished with the results! It has definitely made an impact on us at home and we are using it when shopping to make better choices for our family. The alternatives given on the food items are extremely helpful and honestly some have really shocked me. It doesn’t really give sugar filled treat alternatives though….I did try but it gave me a cheeky message! Well we all know we aren’t meant to right!

I would highly recommend this app, you may not use it all the time but just for a little insight into what ingredients are in the products you are using may help you understand how they are not always what they are marketed as and may not be serving you well on the whole. That is one of our biggest loves of the MooGoo range, their products are all so natural you could eat them…..not that you’d want to! But you can be confident everything you are putting on your skin or into your hair is completely natural and chemical free skin health is what we all want. We are constantly bombarded on social media with all these chemical filled products we need for our skin to make it tighter, younger, fuller, brighter whatever and it’s so easy to think that is what we need but honestly once you have tried the MooGoo range and their natural alternatives to, for example retinol, you will never look back. Your skin will never feel clogged, greasy, dry or tight as the natural ingredients are all easily absorbed by your skin and get to where they need to do their job effectively.

We have both been using MooGoo products for a few years now which is why I can't stop banging on about them as much as I do as they have been totally skin changing for us!!! But even if you are not tempted to try MooGoo's products I would highly recommend getting the Yuka app to see exactly what you are putting in your skin and body as any information makes us a little bit more mindful of what we are putting on and in our bodies, which can only be a good thing!

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