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Deck the halls with boughs of holly....fa la la la lahh la la la la!!

We're allowed to start singing Christmas songs now right?!! I feel like I'm ready to start planning and to start getting into the festive spirit now November is done! (we have a late November birthday in our house so no chance of thinking about Christmas before November is out!).

So are you you a super organised all done with you Christams shopping by August kind of person???... or more like me, think you're rocking it every year and then still end up flying around Christmas eve to get the 'Last minute bits'?!! or do you just fly by the seat of your pants and leave it all to a big shop on Christmas eve??? ....I do love the idea of this but I just don't have the nerve!!

Well whatever the type of Christmas shopper you are we can help you here. If there's anyone you're stuck for ideas on, pop down and we can show you our full range of products and gift sets starting from just £7.50! And of course there isn't anyone who doesn't love a Gift Voucher for a treatment or value of your choice so they can give themselves a treat after the fun of the festive season to beat those January blues!

And for all of you that enjoy getting your Christmas nails or lashes done, you need to be quick getting yourself booked in as our December is looking pretty chocca already with only a few random slots left! Hence why I am writing this at the beginning of December as I feel we might be a tad quiet on here while we're getting you all ready for the festive season. We're super excited to see you all and to hear about all your fun Christmas events. This is our favourite time of year so we're all sparkled up in the salon and ready to spread our Christmas cheer!....but please just say if you want us to change the subject...we get that this season isn't the best for everyone so we will also happily chat about food (always!), sunshine, daffodils or we have been known to be able to just be quiet if you prefer!

So we would just like to say, see you on the other side!! We are looking forward to seeing many of you in the next few weeks but if we don't get to see you in December please come and see us in January to cheer us up! Stay warm, stay happy and see you soon xx

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