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Why did we need to evolve?

Well it came as a bit of a shock to everyone that we had moved so I thought I would just let you all know how we have arrived at where we are now.

Its all amazing and so so so very positive.... we are not afraid of change so we have embraced our beautiful new surrroundings AND all you lovely lot have too which has made the transition super easy for us! (Although there was tons of stuff to move and sell....just a small piece of advice dont move house and move business premises in the space of four weeks its crazy!!!!)

So here is where it starts.....

We have very much had the best six years at The Retreat in a beautiful building right beside the estuary and we have all worked super super hard to build a very successful business in this time.

So I hear you ask why down size ?

Anyone who has steadily built a bussiness will know there are some challenges along the way as you grow so it isnt just as simple as work hard and reap the rewards. We had last year grown enough to be VAT registered ( a scary threshold for us small business people) and although this is something to celebrate as we had, in many peoples minds, made it BIG! But unless you massively up your game or massively increase your prices its very hard to stay just by the threshold.

We did it for six months but the challenges of staff changes and working six day weeks whilst trying to keep up with the property maintanence and a full on marketing stratagy just took their toll. I love my job and I wanted to carry on loving it !


When the chance to take on a property with space for us to create a stunning beauty treatment room alongside a bright and airy reception and nail bar within a beautiful new home for us you can see why we jumped at the chance!

This would mean we could keep our prices competitive but also actually upgrade our treatment experiance(we have a large luxurious room with a brand new very compfy electric couch). We also had the bonus of our very own client parking area and being located right on the main road so we would be super easy to find and only just five minutes walk from the Retreat.

I had literally 10 hrs to make the decision to go for it but in classic Emma style I went for it!

Then we had the hard work of sorting everything else out.

But we did it and with the wonderful Naomi beside me we have created a truly wonderful salon with everything we could have asked for.

We are busier than ever and have had incredibally positive feedback from the clients that have visited so far.

So I really do feel the stigma of home based salons has well and truly disappeared with The Professional Beauty awards now including an awards catagory for Home based salons ( which of course we are going to enter this year!).

We have also decided to slim down our treatment menu just slightly so we will no longer be offering Microblading or Laser/IPL treatments as we have chosen to focus on our core beauty treatments and spa therapies at our already known for very high standards.

So you can see its been quite the whirlwind but myself and Naomi are super excited for what lays ahead and we feel 100% confident that we made the right decision.

Thank you for taking the time to read and we will look forward to welcoming you very soon to our fabulous salon.

Warmest of wishes

Emma & Naomi xxx

and Oreo (woof)

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