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Who knew.....MooGoo!!! Did you???

So today I'm here to talk to you about MooGoo and why you need it in your life!

If you haven't experienced MooGoo products before then I suggest you get booked in now for one of our super gorgeous MooGoo facials where we use a range of their products to leave your skin feeling radiant, refreshed and full of goodness.

They are an Australian based brand but we just love their ethos and products so much we just had to try them and we have definitely not looked back! Their products are all as natural as possible, ethically product tested, non-irritating and made with sensitive skin at the forefront of their ingredient philosophy so suitable for everyone.

I could talk about MooGoo products all day long as they just have such a great range which covers head to toe skin/hair care. But I won't bang on all day long, I'm just going to share with you three of my top faves at the moment....

Creamy Hydrating Face Cleanser

This is a gorgeous creamy cleanser that can be used for make up removal or gentle cleansing. We use this for our eye and lip cleanse in our MooGoo facials as it is so gentle it never stings and so effective for make up removal. I use this one every morning in the shower and it just leaves my skin so super soft, I love it. This is also a great product if you love your lash extensions as this can be used as a lash shampoo as it is not oil based. So an all in one for your lashes, make up removal and face cleanse.....I love a product with multi uses!

Oil Cleansing Method

So the Oil Cleansing Method is a way of cleansing the skin using oil and massage. We use this product as our second cleanse in our MooGoo facials but you can use it at home for great benefits to your skin. Using oil and massage are a great way of drawing out impurities and breaking down dirt, makeup and sunscreen, whilst also moisturising your skin. Using an oil cleanser can also help with break outs too as it doesn't strip your skin of its natural oils which can cause your skin to over produce oil and increase break outs. You can also mix this one with your gentle exfoliator to create a more oily exfoliator with a more silky feel.

Gentle Exfoliating Powder

This ia a non-abrasive exfoliating powder with all the strength but no scratch!! I have extremely sensitive skin on my face and can use this exfoliator powder without a hint of redness! The Salicylic Acids which are plant derived exfoliating enzymes, are attracted to oil and exfoliate deep into the pores. Rice bran is the physical exfoliator so very soft meaning you can use this exfoliator every day. It also contains Bentonite clay which draws out any impurities and leave your skin skin feeling fresh, and Marshmallow Root to soothe and calm skin. This is a very fine exfoliator which you mix with a little water in the palm of your hand before applying. I absolutely love the smell of it and the fact that I can have a really deep cleanse without looking like a beetroot for hours!

And the best news ever........we sell MooGoo right here!!! So not only can you experience the different products in our gorgeous facials you can also treat yourself (and your skin!) to a lovely purchase of your favourite product...or two! It's so impossibly hard to choose as they are all so brilliant in their own way and suitable for all skin types. If there is something you fancy trying and we don't have it in stock just let us know and we can order it in for you. We also have eco refill station for MooGoo Shampoo, Conditioner and Milk Wash so if you bring your old MooGoo pump bottles down we can refill those products at a discounted price and help save on plastic waste.

To give you the best reason ever to start on your MooGoo journey to beautiful skin, we will give you a Mootastic 20% off MooGoo products throughout June 2023 x

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