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New beginnings! by Naomi

So we have already made it to the end of our first month here at the new micro salon and I just wanted to give you a quick update on how it's all going!

It has been absolutely fantastic and the support and love for our new place shown by all our clients has just been incredible. You are all amazing!

We have been so busy with old and many new clients and every time we get to welcome one of you through the door we get a new buzz of excitement to see what you think, so we have been running on a high!!!

Oreo is particularly happy as he is meeting so many of you and getting his attention fix every day, so much so he's having to nap off all the excitment!!

Our new electric treatment couch has been a big hit with you all, it's super comfy for you and also for our backs as we can move you to the exact height we need you, so good vibes all round with the fab new purchase!

Everyone seems to have found us ok so our new spot isn't hard to find and the parking is a massive treat!! We have also welcomed a couple of wheelchair users for treatments which have gone successfully and we are working out exactly what we need to make it fully accessible for everyone.

It has been a particularly busy time for me out of the salon too as I am coming to the end of my Level 2 Beauty course so am revising for exams, doing my final assessments and getting everything together ready to qualify. So that's why I have bigger eye bags than normal at the moment!!

I'm sure you have all seen my special offers for discounted treatments as I build my skills and confidence and I am grateful to everyone who books in for these as it helps me so much. I have really enjoyed my Level 2 and have already applied for Level 3 so I can increase the services I offer even further. When I have a busy day of different treatments I am just on such a high! I love it so much, making people feel good and meeting so many different people, it is just a dream!

So Emma and I would just like to say a massive thank you to all of you for your support and positivity. We feel very blessed to have the wonderful clients we do and this wonderful space to share with you and we couldn't be happier......see our happy faces!!!

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