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My addiction to moving furniture 💕

Ok so all my lovely clients and work colleagues know very well that I have an addiction to moving everything around in the salon . If for any reason I have a free hour then I take the time to have a shift around or a deep clean . It makes me laugh when clients arrive and they say “you’ve moved everything around again !”

It so important to keep our space fresh , clean and I do think it shows we really care about our working space. Also I am a very motivated person who’s mind rarely switches off so to have a intensely organised place helps me too .

Luckily I also have amazing staff members who honestly squeak with delight (Abi-beauty therapist) when I suggest a clear out or or a rearrange! She has the Hinch bug too.

So , today is that day. I am heading down to the retreat with my side kick (and Hincher in training) Izzy , to rearrange and re-organise the reception area . She also squeaked with delight ( yes that’s what she is like too )

Will keep it as a nice surprise for when we reopen so that you can all have the big reveal !!!!

Keep Hinching !!!


p.s I get some time away from the hubby too ssshhhhh xx

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