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Lockdown Lashes - Naomi Peek

Lockdown for me has been a mainly positive experience. Don’t get me wrong I have massively missed my job, spending time in The Water’s Edge and everyone I work with and everyday brings its own challenges with a 3yr old eager to cause mischief and a 6yr old totally unimpressed with his new teacher!! But on the whole I feel very blessed getting to spend some precious time with my family and living where we do.

I have also been super lucky to attend Laura Bell’s online Classic Lash Extensions training.....and I’m totally hooked!!! This was a big step into the unknown for me and I was really apprehensive about doing it with no previous experience in beauty but Emma has been gently encouraging me and building my confidence and the opportunity of this time in Lockdown seemed perfect to make the leap. So back in April I attended the Zoom training with a lovely group of girls, then got cracking on my mannequin. It’s fiddly and precise but I love fiddly and once I got started I was completely addicted. Every chance I get I’m practising on Dave (my mannequin named by my 6yr old!!). I find it so calming and satisfying when you see the end product. This is just the very start of my lash journey but I’m so excited about lashes. Now I’ve spent a month practising on Dave I’m looking forward to trying it out on my real life lucky partner Tom!!

Laura is there for support online whenever we need her and our training group have a Whatsapp where we all chat about how we are getting on and any difficulties we are facing. It is so supportive and it feels like we are all on the journey together which is so nice. I am also extra lucky to have Emma for support too and can’t wait to get back to work to watch her in action!

Hopefully it won’t be long until we see you all again, stay safe everyone!

Naomi x

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