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Let's talk Men's MENicures!!!

Updated: May 24, 2023

So as you all know I have been completing my Level 2 Beauty qualification which includes Manicures and Pedicures. I have needed lots of models to come into college so I can be assessed on my work and my friends and family have really helped me out massively with this and I will be eternally grateful to you all!! However, I had one more manicure I needed to complete and no one was available..........except my lovely, lovely, super supportive, fearless and all round good guy, partner Tom!!! So he very kindly came to the college for a lovely luxury manicure!....what a guy!

So after we'd all had lots of giggles over what colour he was having! I cracked on and got to work on his never before manicured hands. I spent extra time on his cuticle work as you can imagine, not much love had gone into his cuticles over the years! I filed and buffed his nails, gave him a nourishing hand massage and plently of cuticle oil! It was great to do some male nails and to see the before and after was amazing. I'm so used to looking at the polish finish on fingers I've never realised how much of a difference all the groundwork makes.

Then a couple of nights ago we were sat watching TV and I was putting my cuticle oil on and asked if he wanted any and he was like "Nah I'm good" then "actually yes, yes I will! I can't believe how good my nails have looked since you doing that manicure on me, it's made such a difference" I had a little look at them and he is so right! They look so healthy and in much better condition. I think I have totally hooked him in now for regular manicures. And it got me thinking....

....why don't we do as many men's manicures as we do women's? We really need to teach our men that self care is just as important to them. They may initially think they would far more enjoy a pint down the pub with their mates but actually once they've tried it they will realise the benefits to having treatments done last a lot longer and they will actually enjoy a bit of time out too. So let's all get our men looking after themselves too, treat them to a manicure or anything you think will make them feel good....a massage, some waxing, a facial, whatever you think they will enjoy the most. With Father's Day approaching it's a great excuse to treat them. Keep an eye out on our Special Offers too as we will be updating them soon. I reckon once they've got over that first time they will realise the benefits and be back for more and who wouldn't want a well groomed, chilled out guy who knows how to look after his well being....I know that's what I want!

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