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Hello from Abi !

So here goes again, another sunny day in lockdown.

I have mixed emotions like everyone does, but I like to stay positive as each day is a different day.

I have a little 4 month old puppy called Roxi, she gets me through the days. We live in the woods, so she loves her daily walks and it gets me out the house too.

Every day is an adventure, I love cleaning, walking, cycling and (sunbathing – but I do get bored sitting in the sun too much as I like to stay proactive and always keep busy).

The days are all rolling into one, but I really can’t wait to get back to some sort of normality, to see all my friends and enjoy life as we should!

I have also been completing some online courses to keep all my skills up to date and empower my knowledge to keep all my clients safe on my return.

Everyone please take care, and stay safe.

Love Abi x

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