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Flaky Scalp be GONE !!! - Miracle MOOGOO !!!!! - Naomi (Reception Manager & Salon Co-ordinator)

It's always embarrassing to talk about my flaky scalp but sometimes it just has to be done!

I have suffered with scalp psoriasis for most of my life in varying degrees of intensity but when it is bad it is literally all I can think about! The constant itchiness is so distracting and concentrating on anything becomes hard and then the pain from the sore skin where I've scratched just adds to my distraction. Combined with the embarrassing snowfall of flakes onto my shoulders just gets me really down.

I have spent so much money over the years trying all sorts of different miracle cures, specialised shampoos, even had medicated shampoos and ointments prescribed by the doctor and nothing has touched it. Then I discovered MooGoo Shampoo and Conditioner. It sounds dramatic but it literally changed my life!!! Although it does not treat the psoriasis as such it does wipe out all the horrid symptoms so no more itchy, flaky, sore scalp......Bliss!!!

During Lockdown I ran out of my MooGoo Shampoo and stupidly forgot how bad the symptoms can be. I thought, I know I'll use up all those products filling the bathroom cabinet that I've spent so much on while I'm at home and flaky shoulders don't matter.....Urgh Big mistake! After a week I could no longer bear it. I binned the lot of speciality shampoos, balms, oils, scrubs, all of it! There is nothing for my scalp now except MooGoo. I know not everything works for everybody but I can honestly say this 100% worked for me and it is always worth a try if you have any sensitivities as it is so gentle, all natural, cheap in comparison to other products of this quality and most importantly makes your hair look and feel great! 

I should also add that I'm also a convert for the MooGoo Full moisturiser, deodorant and Dusty Girls Make Up products too!! If you have sensitive skin (or any skin types too) MooGoo is definitely for you. I hope that revealing my embarrassing secret will help someone else find these life changing products too ❤️

Naomi xx

Don't forget we still have 20 % off all MooGoo products on the website and free postage or delivery if you cant collect. This is only running till we re-open so make the most of it for the next two weeks!

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