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Find your feel good exercise !

So this last nine weeks has been challenging me with my fitness routines. You will usually find me running round Hayle with my colleague Shelley (she is like my personal trainer and definitely keeps me running for longer than I would on my own!) or recently before lock down I was also going to cross fit twice a week and then Hayle runners on a Tuesday evening. I had decided that this year was going to be my year of transformation - Body and Mind!

Until lockdown arrived !!!!!!

Then it was a super challenge to get motivated. I initially enlisted my husband to join me on my running sessions. BUT we only managed one run. So I begun going out on my own. BUT its soooooo boring. Although I enjoyed how I felt once I had got home during the run it was a constant battle with my mind telling me to walk and pushing myself to do the extra bit. So again this fell by the wayside.

After a couple of sedentary weeks I was on a zoom chat with one of my best friends and she had been doing some online fitness classes - pop candy - so I decided to give them ago. I planned that I would do the same time every morning so that then the routine would kick in and I would be consistent. Ok, I did enjoy them initially but god after about six they got on my nerves and I found myself only doing a half-hearted effort. This was never going to give me the results that my ambitious year of transformation promised me !

Another two lazy weeks passed and I felt myself once again squeezing myself into my clothes sighing.

Then out of the blue my son decided that he would like a bike for his upcoming birthday. He is going to be 20 in June. So we set about on the search for a bike. They sell like hot cakes at the mo. It took about a week and a half but eventually we found one.

We went and collected it and decided that we would both go out together that evening ( when the cars on the road are minimal) and try it out. I dusted off my very beautiful Pendleton Somersby bike ( which I love but haven't used much at all) and got ready for our first adventure.

We vaguely planned a route and off we went. I was a bit nervous but after five mins realised how wonderful it is to feel free and relaxed biking along. We biked all the way to the beach just in time to watch a beautiful sunset. A few small hills and a very long downhill coasting took us home again and I knew already that I was hooked.

As a mother to a very computer addicted young adult you can imagine how delighted I am that my son is equally enjoying our new found exercise sessions. He is finally free from the screen even if its just for a hour or so.

So we now go every evening at about 7pm and get excited about planning our next route. We have found roads that I didn't know existed , muscles that I didn't know existed and a totally new to us way to find some mind space. Whilst I am biking my mind is totally focused on the road ahead, trying to keep balanced, where the path will take us next and keeping up with my son. So no time to think about anything else at all. So my advice to you today is if you like me have a bike tucked away in your garage or shed and have been unsure about getting it out then go for it. It has been brilliant for me and I am even starting to shift a few pounds again too so maybe just maybe we can get the year of transformation back on track !

Happy Biking !

Emma xx

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