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Experiencing our Best EVER Facial! by Naomi

So last week I was lucky enough to experience our new Ashmira Botanica Pure Alchemy treatment. I will try, but not sure I can adequately express what an absolute delight on all the senses it was! It was so deeply relaxing yet I came away feeling invigorated and completely balanced. I have never had a treatment that has nurtured every one of my senses in that way before.

So the experience started with a quick consultation to define which oils are to be used. This is done using the principles of Chinese Five Elements incorporating how you are feeling, how your skin is looking and which element you fall under due to the year you were born (your biorhythm). Then I was taken into the room filled with beautiful aromas, low lighting and calming music and was talked through the various parts of the treatment so nothing was a surprise.

Eager to get started I got onto the bed and the experience began with a deeply relaxing head massage and back exfoliation using the Ashmira Rice Exfoliator. Then I heard the most beautiful soothing bells surrounding me with their tinkling magic. This led to a back massage going down all the meridian lines releasing any blockages which I could actually feel happening. Then a glass singing bowl was used. Now I’m not sure if you’ve ever been to a Sound Bath or Gong Bath, but if you haven’t then you need to! The singing bowl literally baths you in sound which silences any mind chatter and allows you to deeply relax and experience the vibrations that allow you to ease your mind. Feeling beyond relaxed already I then turned over for the décolleté massage and then the blissful facial.

The facial was so deeply relaxing and has so many elements I just new it was doing something amazing! I was cleansed and received 2 massages with the most amazing aromas sending me into even deeper relaxation. I was exfoliated and 2 different masks were applied with hot mitts used between which enhanced the beautiful smells of the products coming from my face. Whilst the mask was on I chose to have a foot massage, you can choose between hands or feet and this is decided in your consultation before the treatment. After the second mask had been removed I was moisturised with Rose Quartz rollers

Suction cups were also used, something I had never experienced before so wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s completely painless and feels like a gentle pulling of your skin with a bit of a sucking noise at the end of each stroke. They are used to increase blood circulation and stimulate the facial cells that are responsible for collagen production so can therefore brighten your skin and reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines and I was very happy they were a part of this treatment!

Then I was surrounded by the sound of the beautiful tinkly bells again which sadly meant the ritual was coming to its end. I could have stayed there all day very happily! I was given some time to come to whilst my Cacao drink was prepared. I have never tried it before but heard lots of good things about its benefits so was keen to try it. It was delicious and a perfect finale for the most luxurious treatment I’ve ever received. It was warm, sweet and comforting yet I knew it was providing me with antioxidants, magnesium, iron, calcium and most importantly, the happy chemicals!

Once I’d got myself together I had a look at my face and my skin was incredible. It felt so soft to touch and had a beautiful glow to it, it looked like I’d been smoothed out and plumped up in the right places! What really surprised me was how invigorated I felt. Usually after a massage I feel like I want to go somewhere warm and have a nice nap but I had a real spring in my step and spent the rest of the day doing things that have been on my “To Do” list for ages! I felt so balanced and at peace that nothing seemed overwhelming or difficult anymore.

I didn’t know a great deal about the Chinese 5 Element theory before having my treatment but I would certainly recommend this or any of the Ashmira Spa Rituals for anyone feeling like they need more balance and calm. And for those of you who are already balanced and calm you need to experience this too or treat someone you love as I can’t imagine receiving a more wonderful gift than this!

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