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Dreaming of opening !!!!

So whilst we are all eagerly awaiting news of when we are allowed to reopen we are making sure we are putting plans in place to ensure we can re-open with confidence that you are all going to be very well looked after.

I have completed an online course in cleanliness and infection control and have learnt so much about products to use and how to upgrade our sterilisation in between clients. So here are just some of the things that we may implement alongside all of the government guidelines too!

Hand washing on arrival

Longer length appointments to ensure there is 15 minute clear time in between each client.

Gloves and aprons to be worn - new set for each client ( masks may also be worn if required)

Full couch wipe over with a clinical cleanser and anti viral wipe - Couches will be covered with a plastic sheet and towels will be used minimally.

Some treatments choices may be initially limited.

There will be a set amount of people allowed in the salon at any one time ( unknown as yet)

Reception chairs will be spread out to ensure there is adequate space for each person

The nail bar will be limited to one person at a time.

Payment either via the online booking system or by card (no cash payments)

So this is just the start of us preparing to be ready and we will also be very much guided by the government.

But I will continue to dream about seeing everyone again very soon. Please do feel reassured we will be very diligent in providing the very best and safest environment for you all.

Take care stay safe and Keep smiling :-)

Emma xx

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