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Women's Wellness with doTERRA Essential Oils

£6 per person to include a perfume blend


Do you struggle to sleep, leaving you tired, irritable and anxious during the day? Or maybe you are a calm and happy person normally, except once a month when you hate everyone and your family hide from you?

Whatever your issue is, I have a natural solution for you.

Learn easy ways to help you

-Reduce cravings
-Get a deep restful sleep
-Ease stress & anxiety
-Improve mood
-Ease symptoms of PMS and pre and post menopause
-Regain focus and concentration
-Increase energy

dōTERRA essential oils are unique in their chemistry and potency, they work on a cellular level to help you with all this and more. There is now significant research showing how particular essential oils can help reduce our stress hormones and encourage sleep & relaxation.

This session is led by Hannah Cairns, a former Emergency Nurse, and mother of four with a wealth of experience in using natural solutions for health and wellbeing. With easy to follow self-care rituals, Hannah will guide you on your natural health journey.

On arrival at the beautiful Waters Edge Retreat you will be given an all-natural essential oil perfume. Combining Jasmine and Ylang Ylang’s euphoric aromas with the warm and spicy scents of Patchouli, Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Cocoa to create a soft and musky feminine fragrance.

Everyone who attends the class will have access to a 25% discount on doTERRA essential oils when ordering via Hannah

All for £6
Please register your interest at thewatersedgeretreat@outlook.com

Yoga Pilates Mix

Nicky will be taking the Summer off but is returning on September 6th for a new block of Pilates / Yoga mix classes.


If you missed out on her previous dates this is a great opportunity to get signed up for the next term. It is a small group so you get as much as Nicky's attention as possible. She has a wealth of physiological knowledge and will make you feel at ease within the group. Suitable for new starters, experienced, pregnant or if you have suffered from an injury Nicky will be able to help you get strong again. She concentrates on posture, balance and core strength in a relaxed atmosphere. Contact Nicky now with your interest as the places get booked up fast.


Booking is required as this is a small class to ensure you get the most from the class. To book a place please contact Nicky on 07526943262 or email info@thelokahi.com or visit her Facebook page @thelokahi.com

​Thermologica Health Screening 

At Thermalogica Health Screening we give you the power to see inside your body via thermal imaging, allowing you to know first-hand if your body is staying on track or when it veers slightly off course.

At Thermalogica Health Screening we are women who believe in taking control of our health. We no longer let things happen then deal with the problem. No! We are proactive and like to know well in advance if our health is veering off track. 

We know, in order to have a full understanding of how we can keep ourselves healthy, we need to take a look at what is going on inside our bodies and the best way to do that is with a thermal imaging scan. 

Thermal Imaging is a harmless, painless, contactless screening tool suitable for men and women and can be repeated as often as necessary. Our team use a Thermal Imaging camera and digital infra-red heat map technology to see patterns of heat and cooler spots in the body, which could highlight areas of inflammation or dysfunction.

The technology used in Thermal Imaging takes a picture and creates a map, or thermal fingerprint of the body, which can give you a visual guide to how your body is functioning.

Booking in to have a thermal image scan is straightforward but first of all let us explain why most of our clients choose to have a thermal image scan in the first place.

Early stage diagnosis and treatment is crucial for many diseases. If a diagnosis can be made early enough more proactive and less invasive treatment options can be implemented. Early detection of disease and injury also allows for faster recovery.

Thermal imaging can also pinpoint and highlight sites of unexplained pain and trauma in the body. This could help towards a more rapid and accurate diagnosis in pain and trauma sites that other screening devices may miss.

One of the areas Thermal Imaging proves most popular is for breast health checks. Breast thermography screening is an adjunctive test to mammography, ultrasound and MRI.  It is a specialised physiological test designed to detect angiogenesis, hyperthermia from nitric oxide, oestrogen dominance, lymph abnormality and inflammatory processes including inflammatory breast disease, all of which cannot be detected with structural tests.

Breast thermography is a way of monitoring breast health over time.

IMPORTANT: Thermal Imaging does not detect tumours. Regular Thermal imaging will detect inflammation which can be a pre-cursor to many health issues.  

Just like you, a lot of clients want to stay on top of their breast health but due to their age they are ineligible to have a mammogram. I know, when was being too young a bad thing! Of course if your GP feels there is a medical reason for you to have one or to have an ultrasound your GP will make sure that medical investigation takes place.

But what if you don’t have a lump? What if you don’t have sore breasts or noticed anything different in your breast health at all?

Then there is nothing your GP can do for you right now. So where does that leave you?

How do you satisfy your curiosity that everything is in fact fine?

We can help you with that.

At Thermalogica Health Screening we specialise in giving you a thermal image scan specifically dedicated to your breast health.

Now let’s be clear.

A thermal image scan DOES NOT replace an ultrasound, mammogram or MRI and is NOT a medical diagnostic tool.

What it is though, is a way for you to take a look at your inner-physical breast health without needing a GP referral. 

  • Thermal Imaging takes a picture and creates a map or thermal fingerprint of your breasts and body which can give you a visual guide of how your body is functioning.


  • Regular scans allow you to know when your body has changed and to take a proactive approach to your health before an illness has been diagnosed.


  • There is no exposure to radiation as the scan is taken by a camera that converts infrared imaging from the skin surface into electrical impulses that are shown in colour on a monitor so you know it is 100% safe.


  • You will be given a full comprehensive report completed by clinical doctors to explain your thermal image breast health scan.

  • The scan is also really quick, your appointment will only take 30 minutes.

If you want to take charge of your breast health rather than wait until you find a lump or you notice any changes then follow these simple steps below and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. 

To read more about it follow this link http://www.thermalogicahealthscreening.co.uk/ 


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